lifestyle & beauty futurology

The ability to predict what consumers will wish for next and create the product that meets that need before it becomes a longing.

lifestyle & beauty futurologist

A rare breed of expert who is highly successful at analyzing consumer activity and predicting coming trends in beauty, fashion, lifestyle & beyond. Jeanine Recckio is the world's only beauty & lifestyle futurologist and foremost trend forecaster. She combines business acumen with an amazing grasp of the next thing. "What does it mean?" and "What could make it better? are her favorite questions - and with input from every corner of the globe, she fixes her sights on the next big invention in beauty & beyond.

what does futurology mean to your brand?

Every future-minded corporate executive, brand
manager, beauty professional, retailer and
supplier needs to anticipate consumer
needs and desires. They seek concrete
information and thought-provoking
ideas that will shape the future of
their brands. At Mirror Mirror, we help
companies around the world understand
how trends drive change - and impact their
products, services and consumers.