Jeanine Recckio, MirrorMirror Imagination, Trend Forecaster

Meet Jeanine Recckio—the girl with the coolest job in the world! As the world’s only beauty and luxury lifestyle futurologist, this globetrotting visionaire is a rare breed of expert who sees things others can’t.

“I often get asked—what exactly IS a beauty futurologist?” says Recckio. “The answer is simple: Someone who has the ability to predict what consumers will wish for next, and create the product that meets that need— before it becomes a longing.” Jeanine Recckio invents the biggest ideas in beauty and lifestyle, magically turning them into global success stories. The first to know what’s hot, what’s next, what’s better, Jeanine’s extraordinary, forward-thinking skills bridge the gap between consumer demand, research and development labs, and beauty boardrooms, delivering the trends consumers want, before they know they want them.

Her passionate flair for future visioning & trend spotting has made her an invaluable asset for the world’s most prestigious and powerful beauty and lifestyle companies. A force in the industry for over 25 years, Jeanine is the world’s only beauty futurologist. She is also the founder of the one-of-a-kind creative think-tank, Mirror Mirror Imagination Group, which publishes the Crystal Ball Trend Report, and offers private label cosmetic manufacturing, working with top-tier businesses across the globe to strategize, create, and produce some of the industry’s hottest, trendsetting products.

Those fabulous products you can’t resist every time you pop into Sephora? Jeanine probably developed the trend—and developed the product. What does a company do when they spot a brand in trouble? They call Jeanine, who swoops in to save the day, figuring out the hottest, most profitable way to put them back on top. Who do you contact when you want to make your indie line even more cutting edge and beat everyone else to the punch? Jeanine, of course! Known as the industry’s speed queen, she has the prowess, organization, and know-how to launch brands & products in six months or less (most take 18).

What’s next for Jeanine Recckio? Mirror Mirror Futuristic Beauty Collection has launching! MirrorMirrorBeauty.SHOP

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