Global Futurist Jeanine Recckio showcases Beauty Trends at the HBA Global Expo in New York

One of the things I love most about my job is trendspotting. I’ve been doing a lot of summertime exploration recently, and honestly, I still can’t stop thinking about some of the fabulous beauty trends and industry innovations I spied at the HBA Global Expo at New York City’s Javits Center.

Joined by my outstanding Mirror Mirror cosmetic & skincare private label manufacturing team, our own trend booth showed off some of our latest, hottest innovations we’re offering our private label manufacturing clients in the worlds of cosmetic packaging, branding, and marketing.

We also showcased the best of our cutting-edge materials, including my fabulous new skincare technologies (our visitors were most intrigued by the line of 20 serums we’ve been developing, which contain today’s most groundbreaking ingredients, including DNA, stem cells, oxygen, tanning serums, and more). Of these, my favorites are the new Mirror Mirror tanning serum with stem cells for face and body, and the fabulous power peel formulation that that’s a modern mix lactic, fruit and glycolic acid, which I then package in a very cool, uniquely-styled syringe.

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