Jeanine Recckio, FIT Scholar and Expert Beauty Futurist Mourns the Loss of Marvin Traub

My dearest mentor and business advisor, retail genius and legend Marvin Traub passed away this week.

I will never forget all that he did for me and my career … I was lucky enough to earn a Marvin Traub scholarship at FIT, and I’ll be forever grateful and honored to have gotten to know him.

Jeanine Recckio The Beauty Futurologist – In The Sydney Morning Herald

Mirror, mirror Who are the fairest of them all? Those who can spot a beauty trend before it happens. "Think of when I can give a woman permanent make-up. A new face that cannot be wiped off. A lifetime beauty mask!" That's what the chief cosmetic chemist of May Fortune Cosmetics said to secret agent Patricia Foster in the ...

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beauty & lifestyle futurologist Meet Jeanine Recckio—the girl with the coolest job in the world. She is a beauty and lifestyle futurologist—the only one on the planet. And that means she is a rare breed of expert who sees things others can't. From the day she began working in the global beauty biz, her flair for future-visioning ...