Beauty Futurologist Jeanine Recckio’s full-on addiction: John Sahag Worshop in New York City

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Every time I’m in New York, I stop by John Sahag for a moment with my favorite hair guru: Karmela. Trained by Sahag himself—he’s been called “the Michelangelo of hair” and one of fashion’s most acclaimed stylists—Karmela is my go-to favorite at his salon. I admire her for her stylish fierceness—she’s smart, talented, and not ...

Jeanine Recckio Forcasts Unbelievable Beauty Innovations For Oprah!

Shampoo Robots Whirpool bath? Check. Heated tiles? Check. Shampoo robot? Yep, that's right. Tricked-out bathrooms may soon include mechanized hair-washers. "Some salons already have them," says trend forecaster and beauty "futurologist" Jeanine Recckio. "You lean your head back into a basin equipped with nozzles that wash your hair and massage your scalp. ...

Fabulous & Fun Hair Feathers are the hottest Mirror Mirror trend at Sephora !

Mirror Mirror's Beauty Futurologist Jeanine Recckio was the first to trendspot the HAIR FEATHER TREND .... hot from the mountains of Colorado ! Actual Roosters feathers are used ! Don't worry ... they don't harm the roosters ! Check out the hot new launch exclusively at Sephora !

Mirror Mirror’s KeratinPerfect client launches at Sephora ! Designs by Jeanine Recckio

Be sure to check out the new KeratinPerfect Hair Collection, exclusively at SEPHORA ! Jeanine Recckio and the Mirror Mirror Imagination Group designed this very special collection with the KeratinPerfect team ... the launch is a huge success ... stay tuned for more exciting news!


THE FUTURE OF BEAUTY "Time to powder your nose," murmurs the compact in your hand. "And a little gloss for the lips, too." A mirror will detect your mood and signal the release of an appropriate fragrance and mood-altering music to lift your spirits. This scenario comes from beauty futurologist Jeanine Recckio, founder of the Mirror Mirror ...