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Mirror Mirror’s Jeanine Recckio quoted in this week’s Crain’s New York Business.

Last Thursday, Avon Products Inc. announced that it had acquired U.K.-based Liz Earle Beauty Co., a natural skincare brand, in an all-cash transaction.

Avon pursued the acquisition because it helps the company widen its customer base in natural skincare, which Liz Earle has been known for for the past 15 years. Avon chief exec Andrea Jung said the natural line is the perfect complement to her company’s “anti-aging skincare and broader beauty portfolio.”

Crain’s New York Business asked Mirror Mirror founder and beauty analyst Jeanine Recckio her thoughts on the deal. Here’s what she had to say:

“The deal is very representative of how our industry is evolving,” Jeanine told the publication.

Jeanine expanded on that thought by saying that the move was particularly savvy on Avon’s part because Liz Earle already has a built-in customer base. No need to start from scratch!

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