Luxury Trend Forecasting Expert & Futurologist Jeanine Recckio

Jeanine Recckio is a multi-talented business leader with a diverse range of talents & skills. She ignites impactful future-proofed solutions for today’s competitive business world.
She is globally recognized for her dynamic & impressive career in the beauty/fashion world at L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Revlon, Ralph Lauren & Coty … with a proven track record of business success, award-winning product innovations & patents too ! Now as the owner & CEO of the hottest Trend Forecasting & Brand Innovation Agencies on the planet, she is the secret weapon & creative force for cosmetic empires, retailers, celebrities & new start-ups.
Jeanine Recckio has a truly unique ability to understand & predict trends at record speeds and link them to transformative action !
Jeanine is smart and clever with an electric & sparkling personality. Everything she does is driven by excellence & fueled by passion and flair. She is always filled with fun & joyful inspiration!
• Innovation Expert & Forward Thinking Inventor
• Global Sales Strategist & Profitable P & L Driver
• Product & Brand Development Expert
• Multi-channel Marketing Leader
• Social Media, Advertising & PR Guru
• Provocative & Motivational Team Manager
• Clever & Disruptive Creative Visionary
• Multi-Cultural Consumer Insights & Retail-tainment Expert
• Contract Manufacturing (Concept – Counter) Professional
• Future-Focused Package Design Thinker
• Clever Storyteller & Dynamic Copywriter
• High Luxury Taste-level Creative Director
• Award Winning Keynote Industry Speaker & Blogger
Jeanine is a true influential game changer & business transformer for any company in the beauty industry & beyond !
She has an endlessly curious personality with modern bold thinking … she is uber chic and Wow … did she REALLY grow up on a potato & onion farm … yes she did !

Mirror Mirror’s Jeanine Recckio launches the high-end Luxe Marketing division …

The world of Luxury has evolved … mass brands have configured the space … that they need to offer consumers the world of Luxe … even if it is make believe … Luxury Futurologist JEANINE RECCKIO of the world famous Beauty & Fashion Trend Forecasting Agency the MIRROR MIRROR IMAGINATION GROUP … has now launched the most luxe world of creative digital marketing, smart PR directing, product innovation, advertising visions & more …. Jeanine Recckio Luxetreme Creative Agency

Jeanine Recckio is interviewed by the London Financial Times

Jeanine Recckio is interviewed by the London Financial Times Beauty Brand Innovation & Trend Expert Jeanine Recckio is featured in the London Financial Times … a great business article about the beauty & shopping trends from the Hunger Games movie. Article:

Beauty Brand Innovation Expert Jeanine Recckio to speak in Cannes, France at the Cosmetics Vision Expo !

Beauty & Lifestyle Futurologist Jeanine Recckio is the keynote speaker at the Cosmetic Design Magaine conference in Cannes, France … WOW ! Cosmetics Vision is a big time conference for all the industry leaders in the world of beauty, health, wellness & pretty … This event is going to be insight-ful and rocking ! All brands need to strategize about their future !

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The World's Biggest Beauty Show The world’s largest beauty show, Cosmoprof 2013 in Bologna, Italy is March 7-11  … many busy beauty executives have difficulty squeezing this very important trip into their schedules or budgets! Mirror Mirror, led by Beauty Futurologist Jeanine Recckio, is the leading Trend Forecasting & Creative Marketing agency in the beauty ...

New Year Beauty Faves from Jeanine Recckio, Beauty Branding Expert and Fashion and Lifestyle Trend Forecaster

Happy New Year! And happy New You! Here's a heads-up on some trends of my new beauty favorites to take care of your skin. And listen to this - I work in the cosmetics, beauty, and lifestyle industries. Check out my about me page to see all the amazing brands I get to work with, but it ...

Beauty Futurologist Jeanine Recckio Wows the Luxe Pack New York Audience with Powerful Futuristic Beauty & Packaging Trends That Are The Future Of Fashion

Beauty Futurologist Jeanine Recckio Wows the Luxe Pack New York Audience with Powerful Futuristic Beauty & Packaging Trends       I was beyond honored to speak to a powerful audience at the LuxePack New York show! This was a high-end trade show for beauty, fragrance & beverage packaging, and the whole show was very creative, colorful and inspirational ...