Top 10 Trends at Cosmoprof…

Number 1. Trend Organic Products
All natural ingredients as a basic touch for the body, extracts of certified organically grown plants, extra-sensory vine-derived spa beauty with the power of age defying anti-oxidants with the essence of healing botanicals. Balsamic vinegar, wine, truffles, cornflower, fennel, sage; this and more elements used to create a line of organic products to satisfy skin necessities.
We found a very interesting line of organic products called Ishi, and Italian company looking for the well-being philosophy, their new truffle therapy is a extravagant and surprising treatment for the skin.

Number 2. Repair trend makeup
Now a new way to use makeup, long technical-professional and research experience based on an accurate selection of functional substances of vegetable and biotechnological origin.
The high functionality of this cosmetics comes from a continuous research of new formulations which allow to face all sorts of facial and bodily problems successfully. The Italian company Ripar cosmetics showed us their line of makeup that heals the skin while wearing the product.

Number 3.Futuristic Eye Technology
Semipermanent makeup for the eyes, avoiding tattoo it’s a new technology that gives the eye contour the right color that lasts long.
The Italian company Goldeneye launched the new line of devices for semipermanent makeup.

Number 4. No UV Trend tanning devices
A system that has redefined sunless tanning with the world’s first laser targeted Spray-on Tanning System. No other system guarantees the lowest over spray, most accurate body detailing and drip free applications. Laser guided application insures best coverage and minimal over spray without UV rays. Australian gold talked with us about their new SprayTan system line.

Number 4. Trend Futuristic fitness and youthfulness (no plastic c) machines
No need to think about plastic surgery anymore, technology goes beyond the sci-fi improving new machines to keep the shape and look young. Ilift for the face and Hypoxy for the stomach.

Number 5. Nature Spa
The fusion between health technology and the natural ingredients. Cool and fabulous spa machines with a thalasso-thermal-ayurvedic multifunction station that uses milk, champagne wine and chocolate to make a connective tissue massage for the body with infrared lamps for extra comfort of the mind and body.

Number 6. Oxygen Trend Health treatment
The body can become stressed and tired with smog and noise, now at the cosmoprof new oxygen stations, regeneration machines with audiovideo therapical dome, for hair skin and mind. Exar company from Italy launched their line of oxygen stations.

Number 7. Futuristic breakthrough youthfulness formulas
Amazing formulas that moisturizes and heals hair, skin and nails like the incredible Hydrogel that can increase skin’s natural moisturizing factors, one gram of this hydrogel can absorb 5 liters of pure water has a powerful hydrating effect.

Number 8. Trend Intelligent hair devices
Curlers with an irregular shape which works on waving,
no more on a static axis, but on an multiform one.
Bi-Ball is a curler that can create a waving as natural as possible, thanks to its form, it can be places vertically and horizontally on the hair.

Number 9. Beyond depilation system
High Power pulsed light used for depilation instead of painful waxing products and even better results.

Number 10.Ultrasound futuristic beauty
Ultrasound transducers machines against cellulites.

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