Futurist Jeanine Recckio announces the formation of the Brand Excitement Group

The world’s only beauty & lifestyle futurist has expanded her horizons beyond trend forecasting … to form the Mirror Mirror Imagination Group’s Brand Excitement division.

“If you’re asking yourself where you can go for help in creating a new brand or injecting excitement into an existing one, we’re the answer,” says Jeanine Recckio, who founded New York-based Mirror Mirror in 1995. “We help you turn big ideas into world-class products that deliver profits to the bottom line.”

In her sleek white offices on Madison Avenue, Recckio and her team of Brand Excitement ambassadors help companies build living, breathing brands that are one step ahead of consumer desires. “Brands need to be fed or else they can quickly become old and tired,” says Recckio, who emphasizes that retailers are not just looking for new brands … they’re looking for excitement. “We’ll show you how to adapt to changing market forces and keep your brand sexy and exciting—no matter what industry you’re in.”

Recckio has expanded the branding and marketing aspects of her business in response to customer demand. “Our clients are asking for turnkey solutions and finished products,” Recckio says. “We can link trends to action faster than anyone else in the industry.” From concept to counter, Mirror Mirror does it all. The company’s stellar track record for predicting trends and anticipating consumer behavior allows them to conceive cutting-edge product lines and brand extensions. Then they position, develop, package, produce and ship via global alliances with leading R&D labs, manufacturers and fulfillment companies.

Mirror Mirror’s recent work with Sephora is a perfect example. “When Sephora approached us about creating a new flavored cosmetics concept, we developed the product line and delivered it to their shelves in six months,” says Recckio. The result—Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty line—was an instant success.

Recckio’s signature can also be found on global brands from Fortune 500 companies and personal care and cosmetics giants such as Colgate-Palmolive, Estee Lauder, MAC, the Body Shop and Avon. “Think of us as your secret weapon for success,” she says, “with a service no ordinary trend agency can offer.”

For more information and your own Brand Excitement analysis, please contact Jeanine
Recckio at 212 339 0037.

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