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The Crystal Ball Beauty & Lifestyle Trend Reports™.
This illuminating resource redefines the art of future-telling. Created by Jeanine Recckio, the world’s only beauty & lifestyle futurologist and founder of the Mirror Mirror Imagination Group®, The Crystal Ball Beauty & Lifestyle Trend Reports are fully-customized, futuristic forecasts designed to help companies peer into the future … and influence it with the right products and services.

“These are not your ordinary trend reports,” promises Recckio. Compiled by Mirror Mirror’s team of global trend-spotters and consumer analysis gurus, these 2-part reports begin by pinpointing the driving forces in such areas as make-up, skincare, fragrance, home fragrance, spa, salon, hair, new packaging, ingredient ideas, in-store merchandising and the critical teen and anti-aging markets. Then they take subscribers on a sensorial and inspirational journey to the tomorrow zone. “We give you a magic box filled with forecasts, visions and cool ideas in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and consumer attitudes,” Recckio says. This incredible box (which lights up when you open it!) also contains unique samples of beauty & lifestyle products from all over the world.

The Crystal Ball Beauty & Lifestyle Trend Reports are published twice annually and available by
subscription only. Choose from Beauty, Food, Fashion & Color, Lifestyle & Living, Men, Spa &
Wellness, Consumer Behavior, SuperTrends 2005, Anti-Aging and Teen & Tween Reports.
Subscribers also receive monthly “readings” via The Crystal Ball Monthly Newsletter, featuring of-the-moment updates on emerging global trends.

For more information and your very own futuristic reading with sneak previews from the reports, please contact Jeanine Recckio at 212 339 0037.

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