Jeanine Recckio Develops the Future of Beauty

Jeanine Recckio Develops the FUTURE OF BEAUTY !

NEW YORK, New York – A woman’s beauty routine is anything but predictable – until now. The Mirror Mirror Imagination Group, a creative marketing and trend-forecasting agency, led by beauty futurologist Jeanine Recckio, predicts and ultimately invents what women around the globe will be pulling out of their makeup kit next season.

Led by the world’s only beauty futurologist Jeanine Recckio, Mirror Mirror Imagination Group forecasts trends from nail polish shades – to toothpaste flavors – and beyond. With a spot-on intuition, Jeanine is a globetrotting visionaire with an uncanny knack for discerning correlations between cosmetics and technology, fragrance and food, body care and more.

“I have been told that I have the coolest job in the world, and I absolutely agree,” says Recckio. “I am able to draw on my marketing background working with global cosmetic giants such as Revlon, Estée Lauder, Prescriptives, Coty and L’Oreal to identify the most truly innovative trends and products in the world and bring them to market. Who wouldn’t love a job that helps make women feel more beautiful?”

Mirror Mirror Imagination Group helps companies – large and small – design, develop, manufacture and market innovative beauty products. The holistic one-stop-shop approach helps brands cultivate new beauty trends – from concept to counter.

Utilizing cutting-edge R&D technology, breakthrough science and ingredients, Jeanine Recckio & Mirror Mirror conceptualizes innovative new products for brands and can ultimately produce the products as well, within its cosmetic manufacturing division. Jeanine Recckio has strategic alliances with U.S. manufacturers, with a key focus on Italian Manufacturers. It doesn’t stop there – this global agency actually helps clients sell their products into leading retail channels, such as Sephora, QVC, HSN, Ulta and other maximum-impact outlets.

Jeanine Recckio advises corporate executives who understand that trends drive new business, and often use her as a secret weapon in their sales team. Her success has made her a sought-after speaker on global beauty and lifestyle trends for global cosmetic companies. Mirror Mirror’s clients range from the coolest of cool, including powerhouse global brands such as Nivea, Sephora, MAC, Dr. Perricone, Keratin Complex, Procter & Gamble, Donald Trump, L’Oreal, Sex and the City, Jessica Simpson beauty, Colgate-Palmolive, KeratinPerfect and more.

In addition to servicing cosmetics companies & consumers, Jeanine Recckio is the go-to-gal for celebrities, too. Included in her roster of celebrity clientele, Jeanine predicts fashion & accessory trends for Donald Trump at his posh Trump Spa Boutique at Mar-a-Lago. Her bold insights into consumer culture and big ideas about how to develop, package, position and sell brands help innovative companies, spas, executives and even moguls like Donald Trump, stay one step ahead of the game. All with a simple look into her Crystal Ball.

Every great trend starts with a prediction, which can be found in the agency’s Crystal Ball Trend Reports. The reports are fully customized, up-to-the-minute trend forecasting intelligence, delivered to your mailbox. Included are futuristic trend forecasts, predictions, visions, beauty and ideas along with unique magic boxes that contain the latest products and inspirational items from all over the world – touching all of your senses. The Crystal Ball Trend Reports help companies peer into the future of the industry – from beauty – to food – to fashion – to home decor.

Companies looking for a hands-on approach to beauty research, combined with a team building experience shall look no further than Mirror Mirror’s Trend Tours. Private, customized trend tour field trips are guided by experienced “beauty trend & futurology informers” & Jeanine Recckio … Armed with trend tour cameras and workbooks, brand teams spend the day trendspotting, and culminate the lesson with an interactive brainstorm in a futuring trendthink™ ideation session. Tours are available in cities globally from New York, London, Miami and Paris.

“I often get asked – what exactly IS a beauty futurologist?” says Recckio, “The answer is simple. Someone who has the ability to predict what consumers will wish for next and create the product that meets that need before it becomes a longing. I am lucky to have a keen grasp of the next BIG thing, and through my travels, along with input from every corner of the globe, I fix my sight on the next big invention in beauty & beyond.”

Mirror Mirror is a creative powerhouse that invents big ideas and magically turns them into global success stories. The next time you look into your beauty case, you may just see what we mean.

About Mirror Mirror Imagination Group
Mirror Mirror Imagination Group, founded by Jeanine Recckio, is the foremost authority on beauty and fashion around the world. The agency offers a full suite of services to beauty brands, including tracking, trend forecasting, private label, cosmetic manufacturing and marketing. Mirror Mirror Imagination Group also publishes the Crystal Ball Beauty & Lifestyle Trend Report, fully customized forecasting reports that help companies peer into the future of the industry.

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