Leading Futurologist Jeanine Recckio presents SuperTrends 2025

Leading Futurologist Jeanine Recckio presents SuperTrends 2025

Jeanine Recckio … the hottest beauty & lifestyle futurist on the scene … presents SuperTrends 2025 … the utlimate “users guide” to what life will be like in the not-too-distant future. What will the world be like in 2025? Here is a sneak preview …

The vanity table of the future … is equipped with a magic digital mirror that ensures perfect make-up application … it knows where you’ll be today and gives you a preview of how you’ll look in different environments… spots & wrinkles are digitally removed … intelligent lighting self-adjusts …

Toothbrushes will talk … oral care has reached new levels of sophistication …your laser toothbrush uses ultra-violet light to kill bacteria … tiny robots clean your teeth … indicator bristles actually talk to you and your dentist … sensors monitor your saliva & transmit warnings of any health problems …

Active skincare chips … are in & on your skin … thin polymer displays on the skin … like video tattoos … monitor hormones and skin dryness or oiliness … medical sensors implanted in the skin monitor blood chemistry 24/7 and keep in constant touch with your doctor …

Fiber optic plants … are everywhere … enchanted gardens are technologically enhanced … a genetically altered blue rose glows in the light of fiber optic displays … imagine the scent possibilities of an altered flower … what does a polka dotted daisy smell like?

You will find all this and much, much more in SuperTrends 2025 … the newest, most thought-provoking report from Jeanine Recckio … the world’s only beauty & lifestyle futurologist.

“This incredible mega-report is a must-have for every smart marketer,” says Recckio, whose impeccable ten-year track record is unmatched in the industry. “Completely customized to your brand, it puts you in touch with the trends that will inspire and inform the future of your business.” Recckio explores macro trends in technology, food, culture, science, fashion & more to show you how we will be living … what we will be buying … where we will be working … and how we will be spending our free time.

Filled with insights, predictions and inspiration, it will challenge you to think farther, deeper and broader than ever before … look outside your category … and link ground-breaking new concepts to actionable ideas for your brand.

The SuperTrends 2025 report is filled with over 100 pages of insightful Futuristic Trends … call for your very own Sneak Preview!

For more information and your very own sneak preview from the report, please contact Jeanine
Recckio at 212 339 0037.

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