Jeanine Recckio: Beauty Product PR & Media Professional at Mirror Mirror/Luxetreme Creative Media Agency

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Jeanine Recckio: Beauty Product PR & Media Professional at Mirror Mirror/Luxetreme Creative Media Agency “At Mirror Mirror and with our Luxetreme Creative Media division, we have a fresh and modern approach to PR, Media & celebrity licensing … we are beyond passionate about elevating a brand or celebrity in a unique and powerfully disruptive way …. Think ...

Marketing & Branding Agency MIRROR MIRROR innovates the future of trends with JEANINE RECCKIO Futurist

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The Mirror Mirror Imagination Group, led by beauty & fashion futurologist, Jeanine Recckio, is a global Trend Forecasting, Branding & Marketing Innovation Agency. We create, design & manufacture break-thru consumer products. We elevate brands & new product launches to the next level … & beyond! Taking fast-paced trends & translating them into new consumer-driven innovations Continue Reading

Luxury Trend Forecasting Expert & Futurologist Jeanine Recckio

Jeanine Recckio is a multi-talented business leader with a diverse range of talents & skills. She ignites impactful future-proofed solutions for today’s competitive business world.
She is globally recognized for her dynamic & impressive career in the beauty/fashion world at L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Revlon, Ralph Lauren & Coty … with a proven track record of business success, award-winning product innovations & patents too ! Now as the owner & CEO of the hottest Trend Forecasting & Brand Innovation Agencies on the planet, she is the secret weapon & creative force for cosmetic empires, retailers, celebrities & new start-ups.
Jeanine Recckio has a truly unique ability to understand & predict trends at record speeds and link them to transformative action !
Jeanine is smart and clever with an electric & sparkling personality. Everything she does is driven by excellence & fueled by passion and flair. She is always filled with fun & joyful inspiration!
• Innovation Expert & Forward Thinking Inventor
• Global Sales Strategist & Profitable P & L Driver
• Product & Brand Development Expert
• Multi-channel Marketing Leader
• Social Media, Advertising & PR Guru
• Provocative & Motivational Team Manager
• Clever & Disruptive Creative Visionary
• Multi-Cultural Consumer Insights & Retail-tainment Expert
• Contract Manufacturing (Concept – Counter) Professional
• Future-Focused Package Design Thinker
• Clever Storyteller & Dynamic Copywriter
• High Luxury Taste-level Creative Director
• Award Winning Keynote Industry Speaker & Blogger
Jeanine is a true influential game changer & business transformer for any company in the beauty industry & beyond !
She has an endlessly curious personality with modern bold thinking … she is uber chic and Wow … did she REALLY grow up on a potato & onion farm … yes she did !

World famous Trend Forecasting & Beauty Innovation expert JEANINE RECCKIO, of the Mirror Mirror Imagination Group … wowed the audiences in Shanghai, China

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World famous Trend Forecasting & Beauty Innovation expert JEANINE RECCKIO, of the Mirror Mirror Imagination Group … wowed the audiences in Shanghai, China as we gave an insightful Futuristic business presentation to global beauty & fashion brand leaders ! Click here to see the details: and check out It’s all about identifying Global Consumer & Product trends ...

Trend Forecasting Expert Jeanine Recckio Predicts the Future

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Mirror Mirror  NOW & NEXT trend report … Get ready to dive deep into the consumer’s mind of today & tomorrow … it’s all about today’s hyper-connected ultra-competitive globalized world … Brands need super intelligence … clarity on trends … and new product development ideation to stay cutting edge and go futuristically beyond … At the Mirror Mirror ...

Mirror Mirror’s Jeanine Recckio launches the high-end Luxe Marketing division …

The world of Luxury has evolved … mass brands have configured the space … that they need to offer consumers the world of Luxe … even if it is make believe … Luxury Futurologist JEANINE RECCKIO of the world famous Beauty & Fashion Trend Forecasting Agency the MIRROR MIRROR IMAGINATION GROUP … has now launched the most luxe world of creative digital marketing, smart PR directing, product innovation, advertising visions & more …. Jeanine Recckio Luxetreme Creative Agency